My Daddy

The other day, I was sitting at the front desk at my job greeting each parent that comes in to pick up their child from a long day of school. First of all, I was late for work, it was raining cats and dogs, people were driving crazy on the highway especially because it's raining,... Continue Reading →


I Have a Podcast

Surprise!!!! I have a podcast!!! Woot! Finally! It's been so hard not spilling the tea already but I wanted to ensure that I tell you guys sooner than later. Soooo yes! I have a podcast called Conversations and Coffee with Roxcee. I love me some good ole conversations that 1. Makes me laugh 2. Leave... Continue Reading →

Travel Fever!

Perhaps you've heard the term "baby fever". Technically, it's when a man/woman (mostly women) has a strong emotional urge to have a child. Well, since I'm not married. I do not have baby fever but I do have travel fever. I've just realized that this is a great season to travel and enjoy life. I... Continue Reading →

July Goals

Hey Guys! It's the end of June!!! I can't believe it. Twenty eighteen just started and it's about to be the seventh month in the year, unbelievable. In five short months, I'll be twenty-two!!! I am super duper excited (as always) about my birthday. This one will be significant because your girl will be travelling... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To

HOLA #RoxceeInspiresFam, I've realized that I have some few followers to the fam bam.. Welcome! I pray your hearts will be blessed and inspired. Please don't hesitate to comment, like, and share any of my post! Once again, WELCOME! It's almost the end of summer, guys. I can't wrap my mind around it. I haven't... Continue Reading →

Praise Your Way Through!

This blog post is overdue but I've been wanting to share this story with you. First of all, I want to remind you guys that God is faithful. He knows the desires of your hearts and when it aligns with his everything will be perfect.... with the right timing. Probably a year and a half... Continue Reading →

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